Turf Solutions Ltd has within its team over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the amenity market to bring together a product portfolio that provides both choice and quality to our customers.

At Turf Solutions Ltd we strive to meet our customer’s requirements and so if you require any special mixtures for fertiliser and grass seed, or a product of your choice is not listed, one of our team will only be too pleased to provide further details on it’s supply.

All of our team are BASIS qualified and are available to make site visits to advise upon the use of any products or services provided by ourselves. Our products are also supported by detailed manufacturer’s technical data which can be provided upon request.

Line marking materials

As a distributor for Fleet Line markers the market leaders in paint production and line marking machines, we are able to offer the full range of products from Super white marking powder,Pitchmarker B+,C,Super C as well as the extremely bright “Blinder” either in 15 litre or Multifill containers.

The “Kombi and Knib” line marker is the latest in spray line marking systems providing a crisp neat line and easy to use system. The tradional wheel to wheel line markers are still readily available. Contact us for a free demonstration


Turf Solutions works closely with Greenbest Ltd a company that produces standard and specialist amenity fertilisers, both liquid and granular.

The use of raw materials sourced from around the world allows endless variations of slow and fast release fertilisers. The blending of these raw materials enables us to formulate a fertiliser that meets our exact requirements of our clients ensuring that the correct nutrients our applied to the site without wastage and therefore reducing costs.
For a free soil test please contact the office

Grass Seed

Turf Solutions are the agents for the leading grass seed producers in Europe DLF & Barenbrug. Both these producers are continually improving quality and reliabilities of there varieties. We supply the DLF Master Line range and the Bar range from Barenbrug. Bespoke seed mix is available on request.

Wild Flora mixes

With ever increasing demands for conservation and the envirment we have a range of wild flora which are designed to create a particular habitat to suit your requirements

Cricket / Tennis loams

Turf Solutions are suppliers of quality cricket Loams, the renewed County, Club and Kettering Loams ideal for the Club or County grounds and the Kettering loam suitable for Tennis courts or cricket clubs on a budget. Available in 25kg, one tonne bulk bags or loose.

Turf dressings / Top soils / Sands / Root zones

We are able to produce a Turf dressing, Root Zones and general landscape mixes to your specification using quality topsoil or greenwaste mixed with the Leighton Buzzard sports dressing sand which meets the STRI grading.

Amenity chemicals

With all our sales staff Basis registered we are able to advise our clients on the comprehensive range of amenity chemicals. The latest selective weedkillers, fungicides, total weedkillers, and insecticides from the leading manufacturers.

Contracting & construction

We have the expertise to construct; bowling greens, golf greens, cricket wickets, football / rugby pitches and landscape areas. Our construction department are able to carry out a design and build or a straight contracting service.

Turf Solutions also undertakes the instillation of playground groundwork and sporting equipment i.e. football / rugby posts.

Renovation works

With the ever increasing cost of machinery the capital investment can be unattainable and Turf Solutions are able to arrange for your renovation work to be carried out by professionally qualified staff.

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