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Why choose Turf ? A vibrant and healthy lawn is an asset to any garden whether it is large or small, contempory or tradional, for work, rest or play. Grass is probably one of the most sustainable ground cover materials there is. A lawn is environmentally friendly with the grass producing oxygen as it grows.

Turf solutions Ltd are proud to be associated with one of the UK’s largest producers of turf grass to the amenity and home lawn market. Their turf is used nationwide to create elegant but practical lawns for prestigious homes, golf courses, parks and gardens.

Our turf is grown in Norfolk on the fine free draining Norfolk fenland soil ideal for growing turf. Our turf is grown from seed and takes 2 years to establish itself into a healthy thick sward, turf is cut to order and therefore orders are either delivered direct to the client or into Turf Solutions Depot for future delivery.

Turf is cut professionally to the following size 610mm x 1640mm = 1m²

Calculating Turf Requirements

The first step is to carefully measure your lawn to work out how much turf you need to order.

Multiply the width by the length to find the area. Add 5% to allow for trimming and wastage

Example: a prepared area 12m long x 5m wide

The area is 12m x 5m = 60m², then add 5% for trimming

So area 60m² x 5 ÷ 100 = 3m² this gives you the 5% for trimming

You will need at least 60m² + 3m² = 63m²

From To Conversion Factor
Yards Metres X 0.914
Square Feet Square Metres X 0.0929
Square Yards Square Metres X 0.836


Installation service

Turf Solutions Ltd have over 20 years in the construction and installation business so from 20 to 20,000m² we are able to clear the existing site and remove the debris, construct a suitable growing profile and install professionally grown quality turf.


Enviromat is an extremely versatile frost hardy, drought resistant random mixture of flowering sedum plants. The plants are especially chosen for their durability and the wide range of colour, texture and seasonal differences in their flowers and foliage. The plants are grown onto a patented free draining goe-texile fleece which allows just the right amount of moisture retention for the plants - not to wet, not to dry.

The beauty of Enviromat is that it is happy in almost any sunny spot in the garden. Window boxes, rock Gardens,ontop of animal housing, on the shed roof or as an alternative to slabs in the patio.

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